Gas Station from the Past

This drawing is great to have
Welcome to Terp Creek.
I do Pen & Ink Memories.
Drawing is my passion.
Enjoy your visit.
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Cottonwood Station

This artwork is in Cottonwood, CA.
It is the clients classic car drawn add
to the Terp Creek Station print with
the name of the station changed.
Your Classic vehicle could be in a
drawing like this one. The price to
have your car drawn with this gas
station is $100 for an 8x10 matted
drawing. Click on the Contact Us
button to order. Or you can have
your car photo added to this 8x10
drawing instead of a drawing of your
car for $50 or 11x14 for $100.
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Personalized Tractor Clock

Email me a photo of your pulling tractor or show tractor
and the details you want on the clock.

Clocks are $35 with free shipping and handling to
anywhere in the United States.

If shipping outside the USA email for shipping cost.
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If I have done a
custom drawing
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